Actively Managed Accounts

At Alphemita Financial Services we believe in a team effort in managing your investments. We will be your Advisor which means we are the ones with the personal relationship with you. We take care of your servicing needs as well as periodically check to see if the investment choices are still suitable for any changes in your life. 

Investment Managers: We partner with  Morningstar Managed Portfolios. Morningstar Managed Portfolios span the risk spectrum, with all-encompassing, valuation-driven portfolios that offer long-term diversified solutions to help you meet your financial goals. 

Custodians: We primarily use Fidelity, but on occasion, we use TD Ameritrade.

Together we will determine which portfolios are right for you.

The combined management and advisory fee is as follows:

First  $500,000 total fee is  1.00%.

Next $500,000 total fee is 0.90%

Next $1,000,000 total fee is 0.80% 

Over $2,000,000 total fee is 0.70%

*  Alphemita Financial Services ADV Part 2A & 2B

Minimum investment: $300,000*

Yes! Let's get started!

*unless prior arrangements have been made with firm approval