Good People Are Everywhere

12 Jan

I cannot get through the story below without crying. It happened many years ago, but the message still brings the tears. I believe it's because I can relate to it on many levels. I think you will, too.

Most people I know are very determined and headstrong. Most  are, I believe, are driven to do what is right in this world as well.

All of us working day in and day out to accomplish our own little missions. All of us working really hard. Sometimes we are met with obstacles in our quest and they can cause us to react in different ways. The obstacles can motivate us to find a way around them and keep moving forward harder, stronger, and faster than before. The obstacles can stop us momentarily until we figure out how to move past them so we are delayed but not stopped. Or they can jump up, slap us in the face so hard we see no way of accomplishing our goal. The last one often leads to us abandoning the mission and setting our sites on a new one unless we get help from the right people at the right time. 

The video below is an example of the last obstacle, one you can't overcome by yourself. It takes about 7 minutes to watch but it is well worth it. 

Finally, another reason this brings me to tears instantly is the fact that I was a serious softball player growing up. I even played at a Division II school in college. I am barely over 5'2" and have never hit a homerun over a fence. So this story gives me all the "feels". 

The bottom line for me in this story, though, is there are good people everywhere who are willing to do what is right in this world even if they are not expected to help at all. I hope you enjoy.

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