Forest Bathing is Just the Beginning: A "Nature On-Demand" Travel List by Spirit Road Travel

19 Jul
The following article is written by Amy S. Quinn, owner of Spirit Road Travel. I've spoken with her about this and it sounds amazing!!

At Spirit Road Travel we’re obsessed with Finland right now and “Fin-relaxing". The Fins KNOW HOW to find peace and quiet. The 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 United Nations World Happiness Report named Finland the happiest place to live in the world! No surprise when you consider the ingrained wellness culture.

Nature plays a huge role in enabling Finnish well-being. We’re talking about deep-diving into nature’s bounty!

Here are some examples on how Fins stay well:  
  • Forest bathing-  simply means "taking in the forest atmosphere... walk into a forest, find a cozy- looking place to rest on, lay yourself down, and rest your head on some soft moss. Take it all in and breathe. You will feel lighter and lighter by the minute.”  Also includes Tree Hugging and Tree Adoption (Google-
  • Fresh Air- the cleanest air in the world is in Finnish Lapland
  • Herbalism- picking herbs is healing. Forage away!
  • Mindfulness- equals More Silence. No need to talk all the time.
  • Sauna- There are over 1.6 million saunas in Finland! It’s a ritual.
  • Ice swimming! 
How and Where will you relax in nature this summer?  Check Out our "Nature On-Demand" Travel List HERE!
"Nature-Immerse” for your well-being this summer!  Contact us to find the perfect healthy and "senses-rich" destination!

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Amy S. Quinn
Spirit Road Travel
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