Foam Packaging that is Water Soluble!

18 Jun


I enjoy having other people prepare my food. I sometimes work long hours and don't think about eating dinner until I'm already hungry. This past week I have been enjoying chef prepared meals delivered to my home from Veestro. I also use Hello Fresh and have tried Green Chef as well. My biggest issue is the guilt I feel with a lot of their packaging. Even though it's labeled as "recyclable", much of it is not accepted at my recycling center. 

So I was in for a big surprise when Veestro packaged their meals in a water soluble foam packaging!!! As soon as I took the meals out of the cardboard box, sure enough I hastily made my way over to my kitchen sink and ran water over the foam. It disappeared within minutes. Had I thought about it half a second, I would have included a video or at least pictures. But I was so pumped I totally forgot.

I'm so happy about companies using more earth friendly materials. It gives me hope we can slow some of the waste going to landfills and sitting around for hundreds of years waiting to decompose, or staying there indefinitely because it's not biodegradable. 

Since I didn't take any pictures, I found another blog that discusses this type of packaging. 

We are moving in the right direction, I just wish it were a little faster. The article I'm posting came out a year ago, and this is the first time I've seen it.

Photo by Brady Knoll from Pexels

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