ALPHEMITA: The Meaning Behind The Name

13 Nov

Then name of the firm, Alphemita, was created to capture the strength of a woman as well as a tribute to my late grandmother, Donita, who raised me.

It is made up of three words.
Alpha + female= Alphem

I was blessed to have been named after her. I grew up in a broken home and had to go live with her from the age of 2 years old on. My grandmother showed me the unconditional love I needed. I have fond memories of sitting at the kitchen table with her helping her do the bills; and when I say helping, I mean licking the stamps to go on the envelopes. Nevertheless, it made me feel important. I loved doing the bills with my grandmother. She only had a sixth grade education, but was wise regardless. She's the one who gave me a foundation to be who I am today. So I felt it important to honor her in this journey in opening this firm. She believed in me from the beginning and would be overjoyed to know what I am doing now. Her favorite flower was a red rose, and it has become my favorite flower as well. It's been over 30 years since she passed but I still miss her to this day.

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